Friday, January 2, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

Shades of blue sky over the north Georgia mountains & relaxing feet in need of more fashionable shoes! Happy New Year to All!
For the first Sky Watch Friday of 2009 with views from around the world, visit Sky Watch Friday.


mkhansen said...

Happy New Year to you, D. Those feet look mighty relaxed!

Sparverius said...

Looks beautiful and peaceful!

dot said...

You made it to the mountains! Hope you had a great time. Happy New Year!

esnorway said...

Nice pic happy new year

Grammy said...

What a wonderful photo.
I love the blue sky this time of the year. And the landscape is awesome. can I come over and put my feet up too. hehehe. Love it
Happy new year.
Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. USA

Rambling Round said...

Lucky, lucky feet to be resting with such a spectacular view! Happy New Year.

D said...

Happy New Year everybody! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
MK-yes, we were VERY relaxed.
Sparverius-thanks for visiting!
Dot- We DID make it and yes, we had a wonderful time! :)
esNorway - thanks for stopping by & Happy New year!
Grammy-Sure, pull up a rocking chair!
RR - yep, even with the leaves off, it was a wonderful view.

The Arthur Clan said...

Looks like a relaxing way to enjoy your sky. :) Thanks for sharing your photo with SWF.

Ana said...

I love your pic. You took shot from my favorite pose, I do the same often:) Happy swf

Mary said...

Looks wonderful! Great view and good weather...ah!