Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oak Trees in "Druid City"

During the Civil War, Tuscaloosa came to be known as "The Druid City." The streets downtown were lined with oak trees. Druids were ancient Celtic people who worshipped trees, particularly oaks. Many places and groups in Tuscaloosa use "Druid City" or "Oak" in their names. (just google "the Druid City" and you'll see what I mean!)
This little lonely lane just outside of town is lined with water oaks. I think they're beautiful casting long afternoon shadows.


Halcyon said...

Was this photo taken recently? The trees and the sky look lovely. I'm sure it's even prettier in the middle of the summer with some shade.

George said...

You're right -- those oaks are beautiful. This is a great picture.

Rambling Round said...

I always wondered where the term "Druid City" came from! Thanks for sharing that.

Steve Buser said...

I luv dem oaks.

D said...

Hal - I took this photo last week. Yes, there are still leaves on those trees! It is a beautiful shady sight when it's in full canopy. I'll have to remember to get that shot when it warms up! :)
George- thanks! I'm a big old tree hugger, so I love these too.
RR - glad to share about my favorite town. :)
Steve - me too! thanks for stopping by.

Lindab said...

What a long way for the Druid influence to travel. These are beautiful trees. I hope they're protected by some by-law?