Monday, January 19, 2009

New Post, Old Postcard

The photo well is running dry around here. Top of my things to do list...take pictures!
So instead, I thought I'd share an image from my old Tuscaloosa postcard collection. Not sure if that's okay with CDP or anyone else, but this one is so old, surely no copyright still applies. If I'm in error, please advise and I'll remove it immediately. This is downtown, Market Street (which is now Greensboro Ave) looking north toward the river. I know it's pre 1925 because the bank building is missing. This one is worth a click to enlarge.


dot said...

Wonderful old scene to look back on! Do you suppose those were really the "good ole days"?

George said...

What a neat picture of what Tuscaloosa used to be like.

Halcyon said...

I know exactly what you mean about not having enough photos! Sometimes I think I've dried up all the material in Jackson. :-)

I love old postcards. I don't think there's any rule against them. This one is neat. Could you take a picture of the same street today to see the changes?

Rose said...

I sure enjoy old photos/postcards like this.