Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Amicalola Falls

Click to enlarge so you can see Amicalola Falls in North Georgia.
The falls are the tallest east of the Mississippi and are inside a state park with camping facilities, cabins for rent, and a really nice lodge. We spent a couple of lazy days there after Christmas.
Here are other peoples pics in different seasons.


Halcyon said...

Looks nice! Glad you got to enjoy some time off during the holidays.

Rose said...

Do you know how how tall they are? Looks like an interesting and pretty place to visit.

gogouci said...

Beautiful waterfall and surroundings.

dot said...

Good shot of the falls. Did you see the pick-up on the side of the mountain? Did you eat at the restaurant? We were a little disappointed but it was all a good adventure.

Boise Diva said...

Glad you got away, I've been thinking about it, wondering how to make it happen.

D said...

Hi Hal! Happy New Year!
Rose, the website says 729 feet!
Thanks Gogouci, we think so.
Dot, yes, the old wreck of a truck is interesting. The restaurant is typically all buffet, but the view is great and it's convenient to eat there if you don't want to drive 20 miles to the nearest town. This time of year the lodge is decorated for Christmas, so it's really pretty and usually quiet. Although this time, there were more people coming in for New Years Eve.
Boise Diva - we take any little chance we can to get away, but that usually ends up being only twice a year.

dot said...

We were there when the leaves were changing. It was gorgeous.