Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tannehill Trade Days

Every third weekend of the month from March till November, Trade Days are held at Tannehill State Park. We have a great time walking, looking, eating, seeing old friends, and buying everything from antiques to produce. We avoid the summer months because it's usually unbearably hot. This time of year is really nice. The weather is cooler and there are mums and pumpkins for sale! (Guess who forgot to take pictures of the mums and pumpkins)

If you click to enlarge the last picture, you can see a little girl in Hollywood shades and a Crimson Tide t-shirt. She's a particular favorite of mine.
(beside the man who walked into the shot, but is nicely placed to obscure my sister)


Rambling Round said...

Tannehill is nice even when Trade Days aren't going on. We used to take our children there at least twice a year. They loved it, especially the train. I like the crafts cabins.

Tanya said...

What fun and that little girl is a cutie! Funny about the man who wandered into view!

Did you ever find out what those berries were yesterday? This morning I noticed I have those too and thought of you!