Monday, September 1, 2008

Muscadines are Ripe!

Remember the green muscadines from July? They're deep purple/black ripe and sweet now.
These are all wild. The cultivated varieties are larger. Ison's Nursery and Vineyard in Georgia sells them roadside and online now through October 15 (my birthday, by the way)
But there's just something special about a walk through the woods to gather your own.


Jim said...

Looks like you were shaking the vines. They look good.

Boise Diva said...

Do you eat them just like grapes? Or make jelly? Or wine?

Knoxville Girl said...

Bet they'd be good with some cheese.

Rambling Round said...

OOOhh, I smell jelly cooking!

D said...

Jim, yes we had to shake the vines!
Why are the best ones always so high out of reach?
Diva - the hulls or peels are a lot thicker than grapes, so we don't eat them. You bite it to break the hull, then suck out the pulp. YUM
Knoxville - I never thought of that!
Rambling - we didn't gather quite enough for jelly, and of course some of them didn't make it back to the house. :) they never do.

ken mac said...