Friday, August 8, 2008

Produce Stand

This produce stand is at the corner of a busy intersection in Cottondale. Note the American flag proudly displayed in front. They had plenty of watermelons, onions, tomatoes, and peaches, though I'm not sure they're homegrown. It looks like they also sell canned items, which is interesting because the local farmer's market had to stop selling homemade items due to health department rules. That has been a source of contention in town all summer, complete with signed petitions. Happy Friday everyone!


Virginia said...

That's a heap of watermelons to sell. HOpe they are cheap!

ken mac said...

i bet the produce is good, out there in the fresh air.

D said...

I didn't stop to buy anything, but I wondered if it all had a slight taste of car exhaust! It's like those people who run/walk/exercise at the park in town. I figure the health benefits are probably cancelled out by the amount of carbon monoxide they're inhaling! ick