Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bryant Denny Stadium

Tomorrow is Fan Day at Bryant Denny Stadium. Thousands of the Tide Faithful will descend upon Tuscaloosa to watch the Crimson Tide football team practice. Yes, that's right, practice. Then the players and coaches will hang around and sign autographs and have pictures made. We've never been, but I'm sure it's fun. Roll Tide!

This is just part of the entrance to the football stadium at the University of Alabama. I was driving, so forgive me. And that truck was in the way, drat. I'll get better pictures posted soon. It is really enormous and beautiful, complete with idols statues of former coaches, including Paul "Bear" Bryant. (moment of silence)
Click the photo gallery link here, for beautiful pictures I'd never be able to get!


Rambling Round said...

It's gonna be a hot day for practice! But I'm sure the fans won't mind.

Rambling Round said...

It's awfully hot out there for football practice, but I'm sure it won't deter the fans!

Virginia said...

How many days till football season starts? About 29 or so I think. I think you should take Bama and I will take Auburn during the season. That way we don't have to be bothered trying to be politically correct for both teams!HA I am planning a trip to Auburn to visit the museum and will have to snap a few of Jordan Hare!!

Boise Diva said...

Oh, the practices are so much more fun. The pressure is off a bit.