Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rotten Cat

I promise not to make this into a pet pic blog. But, just indulge me this one today.
Here's my rotten cat, Molly. The throw she has made into a cat bed is really nice, silky, easily picked by cat claws and was a gift from a friend. I usually keep it put away, except when we have company. On this day, I forgot to put it back up when our company left. I turned my back for one second, and guess who found it? It's draped over the back of the couch so when she gets on it, she sinks down a bit between the cushion and the back piece. She loves it...rotten cat. :)


Boise Diva said...

Molly has told me to send you a message - she says "thank you" for bringing out her favorite throw, and putting it the perfect spot for kitty nesting. You are the best cat mom ever!

Jim said...

I love the pic and the story. MY pets are rotten also. You buy them toys and they want to play with paper they came wrapped in. Molly is a pretty one.

Rambling Round said...

Those kittycats know quality when they feel it! I have a "satiny" chair in the living room. My cats are drawn to it like magnets, but it's a no no for them.

Halcyon said...

Aww... you have to indulge the mietz mietz every once in awhile. :)

Becky said...

Typical cat! I love it.

Chris said...

I have the same problem with my dog, Kasey. They're just like little kids, no?

BTW. . . Re: Libraries. . . . IF you get to Nashville, you need to visit McKay's Bookstore. . . .used books, CDs, DVDs, etc. You will think you died and went to heaven.

D said...

Hi everyone and thanks for indulging me on the pet pic.

Boise Diva-I laughed out loud because that's exactly what I figured she'd say!

Jim - sometimes the grocery sack is the best toy ever

RR - how is ANYTHING a no-no to a cat? Molly does not comprehend the word. :)

Halcyon - yes, she is very indulged and it's more than once in awhile
we are her people, we exist for her.

Becky - Hi! It's good to know she's typical!

Chris - I can't wait to get back to Nashville. I have lots of stuff on my 'to see' list from your blog. The bookstore better be last, or I might not make it to the rest!