Saturday, July 12, 2008

Old L & N Train Station

This is the Old L & N Train Station in downtown Tuscaloosa. Specifically, on Greensboro Ave. down 'river hill'. Since the trains stopped running here, the building has housed several restaurants and bars. It's been remodeled and is now a catering company and available for rental for large gatherings. I attended a meeting there this year. The interior is gorgeous. I hope to get pictures of it someday.

The first picture is the original front entrance. Click to enlarge so you can see the beautiful details over the doors and in the brick. The second and third pics are from the side of the building that fronts Greensboro. Those are little dog-eared panes of glass around the awning.

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Kerry Chesnut said...

Your pictures are beautiful... I am the publicist for The L & N Train Staion and would love to have the interior featured in your blog. Please feel free to contact me at 205-366-0913.