Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rooster Warning

Do not adjust your set. Again, bad photography on display. But, this rooster was so funny standing on a warning sign, I just had to get a picture...even though the car was moving. At least I wasn't driving. Pretend it's clear and sharp, or just enjoy the impressionist look!


Virginia said...

Not to worry, that's how everything looks without my glasses. Glad you didn't miss this shot!

Boise Diva said...

He's real? I'm sure he was just showing off..

ken mac said...

call me foul minded, but I read that as Warning, this Rooser is about to Defecate...ha! Good one.

D said...

Ken Mac - HA HA! Yes, he was probably aiming AT the sign.

Virginia - me too, hadn't thought about that!

Boise Diva - thanks for your visit and comment! Down south when someone is being arrogant we call him a "banny rooster" for just the reason you described! Of course we follow that with, "Bless his heart," so it doesn't sound rude!