Friday, February 6, 2009

Skywatch Friday

Squirrels' nests way up high against a blue sky.
(and spindly branches in a tree badly butchered trimmed by the power company)
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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Lovely tree and sky shot.

B Squared said...

The power company here has butchered a lot of our trees as well. After the hurricanes of 3+ years ago, it took us 4-6 weeks to regain power due to the trees in the power lines. I can understand WHY they do it, but the HOW is what troubles me. They certainly have scarred the canopy.

Rambling Round said...

You know, squirrels really have a grand view from their treehouses. Looks as if they are right there in the puffy clouds.

Jack and Joann said...

Squirrels do climb high. Nice puffy cloud and blue sky behind that rather ugly tree. So this is where the Crimson Tide flows. How did U of A get that name anyway. Strange.

Darla said...

A lot of elements in this photo, very nice.

dot said...

Beautiful shot. The power company can sure ruin some trees but I guess it's necessary.

George said...

What a beautiful sky with the white clouds. I see we must have the same power company!

D Herrod said...

Like the perspective

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh i have never seen a squirrels nest, i guess i always thought they were in the ground. Nice capture

chrome3d said...

There was something so hilarious and uplifting in this post.

Babooshka said...

Stark bare tress so make such striking images.

Jew Wishes said...

What a beauty of a photo!

D said...

Thanks everyone for the nice comments.
SecretMom - glad you stopped by, come back soon :)
Bsquared - I guess I should've said "the company that is contracted to cut trees"...not the actual power company. I understand why too, just wish it was prettier when they finished! Glad you survived the hurricanes!
RR - those squirrels are crafty aren't they!
Jack and Joann - thanks for stopping by. As I understand it, years ago, a sports commentator made the comment that our team in their crimson jerseys looked like a "crimson tide" when they ran onto the field. The name stuck, and we love it!
Darla - thanks, I know nothing of photography elements, just point and shoot and sometimes I get lucky! :)
Dot - Thanks! (see my previous comment about who really did the trimming)
George - ditto I liked the clouds that day too. A welcome relief from all the gray we'd been having.
D Herrod - thanks for visiting! come back soon
Lilli - I need to get pics of some really big nests. These were kind of small.
chrome3d - thanks, what a compliment. i love hilarious and uplifting!
Babooshka - thank you! I love the bare branches against the sky too.
Jew Wishes - thanks for visiting and commenting. Come back soon!

Guy D said...

Excellent skywatch shot, I love the clouds and blue sky.

Have a great weekend.
Regina In Pictures

bubble said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful comments.I really like the imagination about squirrels.I have never seen something like these before. They really really move me.