Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ghost Sign

With all the destruction construction going on downtown, I thought I'd better catch this old ghostly sign while it remained intact. The building it's on isn't in danger, thankfully. I just hope no one gets a bright idea to paint it.
Ken Mac, this one's for you in celebration of your speedy recovery!


Frank said...

Great old sign. I like these a lot and look for them on our buildings. Sadly, we don't have as many of our historic structures as you do and many are destroyed in the name of progress. These signs are priceless.

Halcyon said...

Do they still sell this type of beer? I hope it doesn't get painted over!!

Ken Mac said...

oh, thank you so much. So sweet of you to think of me and this is certainly my kind of post! Again, thank you very much.

D said...

Frank - some of our best old buildings have been torn down in the name of progress as well...I'm agin' it.
Halcyon - I know! One of the best old signs we had got painted over by an antique mall sign. Ridiculous.
Ken Mac - You're welcome. Glad you're feeling better!

bfarr said...

Glad you were able to beat the demo man. I love these old signs.