Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bel Aire

It's hard for the younger Tuscalooosans to remember, but before the days of hotel chains, there were little roadside motels like the Bel Aire in town to accommodate travelers and game day guests. In it's heyday Alberta City (this section of Tuscaloosa) had several motels and restaurants along University Boulevard. You might remember the Moon Winx.
Click to enlarge this one to enjoy the great old sign and the vintage vertical flourescent light fixture.


Boise Diva said...

That one appears to still be in good shape, too.

Frank said...

This old style motel is great. Florida and especially our beach roads used to be filled with Bel Aire-style places. I think we even have a Bel Aire still on the Gulf nearby. It is kind of sad that grand kids may never know what staying in a real "motel" is like. Pull up in front with the car. One room and bath. Simple and unadorned. Cheap. If it had a pool, fantastic. And eat at the Howard Johnson's nearby.

Love your shot!

Halcyon said...

I do like those old signs. Does the Bel Aire still get sold out crowds for Roll Tide days?

gogouci said...

Love to see that some of the old roadside motels and their decor have survived. Great find.

Virginia said...

Oh I love these old motels. Remember the signs that advertised: "Air Conditioning, TV, Pool" and the pool was usually just a titch larger than a bathtub, surrounded by concrete and a little fence!