Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Windows at Fellowes Home

These are the front windows in the library/bedroom of the Fellowes Home, circa 1834. There were four bedrooms, two on each end of the house. Each bedroom had its own fireplace. At the estate sale I attended, there were over 2000 books of every age and genre imaginable in both hard and paperback. I could've looked for days. I ended up buying several old books including two elementary readers, a first grade and a third grade that belonged to Alice Fellowes. Her name, address, and three digit phone number are written in the front cover in the sweet cursive handwriting of a child. She also included her school, Stafford School - the first public school in Tuscaloosa, and the name of her third grade teacher, Mrs. Yerby.


Rambling Round said...

So attractive. They almost look like church windows.

Rose said...

Oh, I am so glad you are showing us more...and I must say, books are one thing I cannot help but love to browse.