Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Inside the Battle Friedman Home

Christmas tree in one of the front parlors. I missed pics of the other parlor because it was FULL of people. I hope to go back before the holidays are over to get better pictures, and just to hang out and enjoy. One of the best things about this home is that the last owner, Dr. Victor Hugo Friedman, left strict instructions that the home was to be used and enjoyed, not treated as a museum. So you can sit on the furniture and touch the books and the piano!

(CDP purists, pretend you don't see these additional photos)

Ceiling medallion in the same room. The fixtures were, of course, originally gas burning.

...and I'm saving the best pic of this room for tomorrow, stay tuned.


Tanya said...

I love the owners attitude! Beautiful photos and can't wait to see more. Sometimes it's so hard to choose just one!

lynn said...

Oh. I thought this was going to be your sitting room! It looks lovely though :)

Steve Buser said...

Beautiful settings.

Boise Diva said...

I'll be tuning in tomorrow to see the best pic, these are good!

Virginia said...

Beautiful tree. Glad I didn't have to put it up! HA

Halcyon said...

I have put up some pictures of historic homes in Vicksburg, if you're interested!