Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coleman Coliseum

Coleman Coliseum is the home venue for the University of Alabama's basketball, gymnastics, and volleyball teams. This is part of the front view. The building is huge and seats over 15,000. It opened in 1968 as Memorial Coliseum, but had a name change in 1988. When I was in college, it's where we went for registration and schedule pickup. Now, of course, all that is done online.
Coleman is used for commencement ceremonies and other large gatherings, including concerts. "Superstars who have performed on its stages include Elvis Presley, Tom Petty, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Reba McIntyre, Jay Leno and Hank Williams, Jr. "


Tanya said...

It's got a pretty front to it. It doesn't look dated or have they spruced it up since 1968?

Virginia said...

I've been there to see Auburn play Bama in basketball. We won!!! That was a LOOOONNGG time ago-HA

Halcyon said...

I bet that building has seen some excitement!

dot said...

I would love to have been there when Elvis performed!

D said...

Tanya-yes, there's been a spruce since '68.
Virginia-I've never been to an athletic event at Coleman. I'd like to go to a gymnastics meet this year. They say it is a lot of fun, loud and rowdy!
Hal & Dot - yes, there have been great concerts there.

D said...

Oh, I should add that we attended a Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham)crusade there a few years ago. It was amazing. The building was filled to capacity and so was the indoor practice field/overflow area.