Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Friedman Bedroom

When Croxton's Raiders came through to burn the University of Alabama at the end of the war of Northern Aggression (yes, we were already defeated) the Battle home was spared. By that time, there were over 25 family members living in the house and they were all starving together. The family, like the south, lost their fortune and their home. In 1875, Hungarian immigrants, the Friedman family bought the house. Victor Hugo Friedman was born that year in this room. He lived all of his ninety years in this house and died in the same room. He left the house to the City of Tuscaloosa to be used and enjoyed. He asked that people be allowed to touch the furnishings and only asked that no "hard liquor" be brought into the home.
The City used the land behind the house to build the YMCA. He also acquired the Jemison home and donated it to be used as the public library.
More on the Jemison home tomorrow.


Tanya said...

What a sad time. I'm happy the the Friedman's purchased it though for all to enjoy.

Tanya said...

And so interesting to have been born and died in that very same room, wow!

Rambling Round said...

What an interesting bit of history!

Sharon said...

That is quite a headboard!