Saturday, November 29, 2008

True Colors

Today is the Iron Bowl, the football game between the University of Alabama (my alma mater) and their state rival, Auburn University.
Roll Tide!!!
Final Score: Alabama 36, Auburn 0
This victory is particularly sweet. We haven't beaten Auburn in YEARS. AND, we've NEVER beaten Auburn in our own beloved Bryant Denny Stadium. It's about time! The curse is broken!


Virginia said...

And let me be the first to say, you deserved the win today. I am thrilled this season is over. As I always say, "Every dog has its day!" WAR EAGLE, I will love em till the day I die"!

D said...

Virginia, as always, you are so gracious! It has been a tough year for Auburn. We hate to see it, really. My father-in-law was an Auburn alum so hubby was raised to cheer for them. Yes, there's even Auburn memorabilia around here! We root for both teams, until they play each other. :)