Monday, November 3, 2008

First Chili of the Season

Last week was our first real cool snap (that means cold weather, y'all) and the perfect opportunity to make chili.
I used a different seasoning, so this pot turned out extra spicy.
It made me think of a couple of family sayings.
My Daddy would say, "Woooo, that'll take the hide outta your mouth."
My mom-in law would say, "If we eat this, we'll have to straddle the creek!"


Kathleen said...

You have Chili and I have Chicken and Dumplin's today LOL

Tanya said...

Oh that looks yummy! My dad always said "That'll put hair on your chest" if I wanted a hairy chest :)
I made a chili recipe from the Fried Green Tomatoes cookbook last year for church. They had a chili contest and I won 2nd place with that. It's yummy! My husband likes that chili, which I can't think of the name of it, it comes in a little paper sack, all the spices. It's a Texas chili and now this is driving me crazy trying to remember the name. I only buy it all the time,lol.

dot said...

Your chili looks great! Wish I had a big bowl full right now.
Thanks so much for the nice award!

D said...

Tanya, it's Carroll Shelby's and that's the brand I usually buy. For some unknown reason, I had a pack of another brand - extra hot!

Kathleen, I KNOW - great minds, huh? ha ha :)

Dot, you're welcome. I enjoy your blog!

Rose said...

When we went up through Michigan last month, I was starved for chili the whole time I was gone and that was the first thing I made when we got home. And I ate almost the entire pot...but you know what, I could eat that pot!