Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another Kind of Art

Since I shared my Grandmother's sewing box earlier this week, I thought I share a bit of her handiwork. I loved this doily so much, I had it framed. She would have laughed and said that was a waste of money.
(sorry about the flash spot, amateur photography...)


Kathleen said...

This is a lost art thou my mother-inlaw in her 80's has made some beautiful creations.I will have to shre with you soon.
Oh to you my friend..ROLL TIDE!

Anonymous said...

My mom did this kind of thing, crocheting, for most of her lifetime and some were huge sofa throws that protected the backs of the sofas.

Tanya said...

Aren't grandmas the best? My other grandma, my dad's mother, was a doily maker too. I wish I had one. She sat endlessly making them. Along with peanut butter fudge and potato candy, yum!
I miss both of my grammys :(

Boise Diva said...

I used to be anti-doily...then I turned 40 and I started appreciating their art. I dunno why!

Rambling Round said...

I have some that my husband's grandmothers made, and mine are framed too. Maybe we should have "Doily Day" in Blogland!

Steve Buser said...

I can't even imagine how much time is spent just getting the skill to do something like this.

D said...

Kathleen - Roll Tide! And do share your pictures. It seems to be a lost art that's worth the appreciation.
Abraham Lincoln - thanks for stopping by. My grandmother also made tablecloths that were this intricate. I think this is called a pineapple pattern.
Tanya - Our memories are what keep them alive forever until we all meet again - Glad Reunion Day!
Boise Diva - I've always loved old things. I often say I was born in the wrong century. But I agree that the older I get, the more I appreciate everything.
Rambling Round - Definitely - start up a theme and I'll join in!
Steve - I know...but remember that that generation of women usually didn't work outside the home. But, boy did they have fulltime jobs!!!