Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tuscaloosa's First Skyscraper

This is a closer view of the Alston Building in downtown Tuscaloosa, referenced in the first post. In it's early years, there was a huge sign on top of this building that said "Try Tuscaloosa" .
This building is old, but it's not really leaning.
Apparently, the photographer was.
Hopefully, my skills will increase.


Hilda said...

Welcome to CDP! Hope your Wordpress/Blogger problem got fixed.

I wouldn't worry about the quality much, unless you're a serious hobbyist/photographer. Lots of us don't have great photos—we just happen to like sharing our cities. ;-)


Kris McCracken said...

There has been some speculation as to whether my legs are the same length due to the lean that often appears in my photographs!

I like this one, and the lean adds character, don’t let anybody tell you differently.

D said...

Thanks Hilda and Kris for stopping by and encouraging me! I suppose my blog should've started with the disclaimer - NOT A PROFESSIONAL photographer. :)
Regardless, it is fun sharing my hometown.