Thursday, June 26, 2008

Children's Hands On Museum

Children's Hands On Museum (CHOM) is in downtown Tuscaloosa. This is the cute and colorful ironwork that greets you at the entrance. It's housed in what used to be a department store and still has some of the original flooring. CHOM is a great place to spend a hot summer day with the kiddos, if you can get them out of the pool! In the window reflection, you can see the opposite side of University Blvd. The Fred's was a dollar store and just recently closed this location.


Virginia said...

Glad to see another Alabama blog! Hope you will visit mine as well.
War Eagle! (Sorry, just had to do it :)

Virginia said...

oops, forget to add that one of my granddaughters had a wonderful time at your Hands On Museum last spring with her kindergarten class. They got to ride a train back to Birmingham. Sounded like fun!

D said...

Hi and welcome Virginia!
Thanks for stopping by....and of course...
Roll Tide! :)

For those of you who may not know, "War Eagle" is the rallying cry/cheer for Auburn University. "Roll Tide" is the rallying cry/cheer for The University of Alabama, my alma mater located right here in beautiful Tuscaloosa! The two schools are arch enemies during football season. The rest of the year, we're friendly rivals.

Rambling Round said...

Hi again. I am trying to figure out what store this used to be. I remember that J.C. Penney was on University Blvd., and maybe Brown's.

D said...

Brown's is on the corner of Greensboro and Univ.
This building is right next to city hall. I'm thinking it was J.C. Penney. I'll ask my folks, they may remember.