Monday, January 25, 2010

Saving Old Drish - The Demo

Sunset shining on Old Drish - In December, the Southside Baptist Church addition was torn down and hauled away. This is the first step in restoring the Drish House.

Here's my original post showing the home with the additions still intact.
In January, a TIME CAPSULE, originally buried by the church members in the 1950s was excavated and opened.


Paty said...

very nice! i love the orange color that the buildings get when touched by sunset light.

bfarr said...

I like the building. What was in the time capsule?

Hilda said...

I must say that it does look better without the additions. If those beautiful columns are any indication, this house is going to look great when the restoration's done! I hope you'll keep us updated on the project.

Ken Mac said...

i like the old non renovated church, but thank God it's saved!

Rambling Round said...

Great building! So glad to see it's under renovation.

gogouci said...

Definitely needs some paint. Can't wait to see the restoration completed.

Halcyon said...

Looks like it's going to be grand!

D said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. Sorry I'm so late in responding.
Patty- glad you dropped by. The building is a light pink color, so the sunset just enhanced that nicely.
bfarr - If I remember correctly there were some church documents, programs and things about membership.
Hilda - Thanks! I plan to update the blog with the reno. progress.
KenMac - Amen, Brother! :)
Rambling Round - me too!
gogouci - Paint and THOUSANDS of dollars of other repairs!
Halcyon - it will be, can't wait!

FranSusan said...

I'm happy to hear that it's being saved and restored! Tuscaloosa is good about saving its historic buildings.