Saturday, January 23, 2010

January Freeze

Those are ICICLES hanging around at the marina. (captured by my husband's keychain camera) In January, during a blog posting lapse, Tuscaloosa set a new record for consecutive days with freezing temperatures. Over ten straight days of FREEZING haven't been seen around here since 1958. Southerners just aren't built for that kind of cold. Glad it's over!


George said...

We had that same kind of weather here in Tennessee, and we're not prepared for it either. This past week was warmer, but cold is supposed to return. I'm ready for Spring!

Virginia said...

Well bravo to your husband for this nice catch. I was freezing my ninnies off in Paris while you all were freezing yours off here! I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel right now. Winter is the pits for CDP , right???

PS My wv is HUSTLE! HAARRRRRRRR Well I need to!

Paula said...

That looks daunting, and it has been quite a winter so far. I wonder what else we're going to experience??

D said...

George - I'm ready for spring too!
Virginia - Can't wait to see your blog this week. I bet you got more snow than we did!
Paula - It has been interesting to say the least! Hope the spring is less eventful than the winter.