Sunday, October 25, 2009

Serene Sunday

This little church is in Bibb County, a neighbor of Tuscaloosa.
Enjoy a bit of serenity today.


Jacob said...

See all the people...what people? They're all at a covered dish dinner in the manse.

Cute little church in a beautiful setting...what brand is it, do you know?

D said...

Hi Jacob. This is Sandy Creek United Methodist Church.

Jacob said...

Thanks! I would have guess some brand of Baptist...but the Methodists are big in the south, too.

I like the name, Sandy Creek. I wonder if they meant to name it Saint Crick. ;-)

Have a great day!

gogouci said...

Beautiful, quaint find.

D said...

Thanks gogouci!

Joan! I got your comment and accidentally clicked reject instead of publish. Forgive my human error and come back by soon!