Monday, October 19, 2009

Homecoming Floats - Return to Glory

That's twelve, count 'em, TWELVE national championship rings on this College of Nursing float.

Are you seeing the theme?
Who's Number One today? A Return to Glory Indeed
Roll Tide!


Judi said...

Roll Tide! #1 in the AP!

Marian said...

I was there! We came in on Friday night and came home on Sunday. I didn't go to the game because it was SO cold. I'm coming back for the LSU game. Hope I get bragging rights for the year!!

D said...

Hi Judi and Marian!
Glad you stopped by today.
Marian, I hope you had a great Homecoming. If we don't beat LSU, you may have to stay in T-town!

Rambling Round said...

Great float and photos! Leroy Jordan was playing at Alabama the last time I went to the homecoming parade!

Halcyon said...

Roll tide!!

Jacob said...

What university is that? ;-)

The Univ. of Florida did you say? No?

Fun floats! :-)

Joan said...

Colorful event! Yeah nurses!