Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pieced together barn

Here's the barn, as promised, almost. My Daddy is over 70 and he says it has been there as long as he can remember. It belonged to his mother's youngest brother.
I took two pics of the front, neither of which included the entire barn. Not sure how that happened...amateur photography once again. Anyway, I pieced the two together in Picasa. I matched the roofline and that vertical loft line. Sorry about the shadow and sky color, not enough time to fix them (and maybe not enough skill).


B Squared said...

Same thing happens to me all the time. Practice, practice, practice.

Halcyon said...

No need for apologies! I wouldn't even have the patience to paste two photos together.

I love the barn though. It looks so rustic. Is it still used or just decorative now?

George said...

I think you did a great job of piecing the two pictures together. I doubt that I could do that.

Rambling Round said...

Amazing the barn has survived this much! I enjoyed seeing it, even in pieces!

D said...

B-squared - I know, I know! I keep hoping to improve.
Halcyon - It isn't used, it's just kept up by my cousin. She built a new house across from it.
George - thanks, I did it as a collage in Picasa. Pretty easy actually.
Rambling Round - thanks! I have a few more shots to share.

Jim said...

You put them together great.

Rose said...

I am really enjoying least you could patch two pics together.