Monday, October 27, 2008

Tuscaloosa Public Library

This is the fountain sculpture outside the Tuscaloosa Public Library.
It's another drive by photo, so the quality is lacking, sorry.
There's an open book at the top with a bookmark that says "Knowledge."
I love the library. When I was a little girl it was housed in the old Jemison Van De Graff Mansion and was called the Friedman Library, after the family who donated the house. The floors were loud and everything creaked. When we couldn't go to town, the Bookmobile came to our community. Either way, we had many books in our house at all times.


The Tile Lady said...

Hi again--After I checked out your Skywatch you came by --thanks! This is a nice post about the library, and I wondered if you'd thought about participating in Skywatch's other meme "My World Tuesdays"...incidently, I was born in Jasper, AL! Have a great night!

D said...

Welcome and thanks again! I keep meaning to check out those other memes, just haven't yet.
Jasper? Well, around here we would say, "that's close enough for kin" you're practically homefolk! :)

FranSusan said...

The Friedman Library is a favorite memory from my childhood in the
50s & 60s. I loved that house!