Saturday, December 12, 2009

Turnip Greens

Picking turnip greens for lunch. Garden to table in an hour or two.


Rambling Round said...

That's a lot of greens! I have collards right out my back door.

Virginia said...

Oh can I have some??? Love them!!!

Sorry you missed the snow. You can see it ad nauseum on my blog. I took 400 photos and I"m not showing them all but I'm not done yet!

Jacob said...

That's quite a patch. Does it belong to one person or is it a community patch? Fascinating thing to find out in the woods!

Paula said...

That's quite a crop! We grow mustard greens and use them in salads as well as for cooked greens. Isn't it wonderful to eat them so fresh?

Lori Skoog said...

Is this your garden? We just picked some parsley from under the snow.

D said...

Rambing Round - ooo, we like collards too!
Virginia-Sure! I've enjoyed your snow pictures.
Jacob - this is my Daddy's patch of greens and they're right beside his house - which, of course IS in the woods.
Paula - there's sure no comparing fresh greens to the ones from a can!
Lori- I wish! This is my Daddy's fall garden. He claims he hates to garden, but he's already turned under the spring plot!

D said...

Friends - I'm sorry to tell you, but I MUST turn on the comment verification step again. The spam is just TOO much. Most of my "comments" these days are advertising unmentionables or written in hieroglyphics.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

gogouci said...