Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pollard Cleaners

Pollard Cleaners has been around a long time too. The main store is here at the corner of 15th and Queen City Avenue, but they have several locations all over Tuscaloosa and Northport. They have a drive through window and also a delivery service. They even have a dropoff/pickup location in a convenience store! Now THAT's customer service. I love the neon sign. Note to self: must get a pic when it is LIT.


Jim said...

They still do delivery? Pretty neat.

Jacob said...

These cleaners you've featured must do excellent work to be in business for such a long time.

Halcyon said...

I am also surprised there are two such long-time cleaning businesses! That's great! Much better than always going to a chain.

Ken Mac said...

what style font is that I wonder?

Tanya said...

Yes, definitely capture that neon at night! Cool about doing delivery service, which reminds me, my husband forgot to drop off his dry cleaning, grrr!

D said...

Jim - They even have cute little cars with their logo painted on.
Jacob - apparently the market isn't flooded yet, I can think of at least three other cleaners in town.
Halcyon - I'm pretty sure all of our cleaners are local folks.
Ken - not sure, but I love that font - very vintage
Tanya - I'll try to get that sign at night soon, and maybe some others!